Phoebe Fordyce

Policy & Research Analyst | Kaitātari Rangahau me ngā Kaupapahere

Phoebe is a descendant of Ngāti Raukawa-ki-te-tonga but grew up in Northland and now lives in Wellington. She is currently studying towards her PhD in History at the University of Canterbury, working on her doctoral thesis Relationships Between Māori and Pākehā Women of the WCTU (1892-1918).

Phoebe has a keen interest in research and education, particularly Māori history and other indigenous knowledge. She has worked as a tutor and a research assistant and greatly enjoys teaching and learning, though she is very excited to finally finish her university studies.

Phoebe’s achievements include:
* College of Arts Honours Māori Scholarship (2018)
* UC Ngata Centenary Doctoral Scholarship (2019)
* Rosemary Seymour Research and Archives Māori Women’s Award (2021) 
* Current Thesis: ‘Sisters in the Work: Māori and Pākehā Women of the WCTU (1892-1918), which she is on track to finish mid-2022.