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Te Tira Whakamātaki is an indigenous environmental not-for-profit, and this website is dedicated to sharing our stories, our research, and our solutions, as well as introducing you to the amazing people undertaking work to protect our natural heritage.

Our work to reverse the decline of our biodiversity, to restore balance to our natural world, and re-establish a reciprocal relationship with Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) is embedded in our ancestor’s knowledge of the environment, our indigenous philosophies, and science. This means we start by recognising indigenous peoples as the best guardians of not only their own lands but of all nature, and indigenous knowledge (in our case mātauranga Māori) as a legitimate knowledge system that is more complex than science.


TTW spearheads programmes and initiatives that will ensure the longevity and sustainability of indigenous knowledge systems such as a native seed bank


TTW actively promotes, and enhances the ability of, Māori to apply their knowledge, culture and perspectives within Aotearoa’s national science framework.


TTW foster and maintain relationships between whānau, hapū and iwi, and mainstream science experts, research organisations and government entities; to create long-term, positive environmental change.


TTW actively seeks out projects, opportunities and collaborations that empower and resource local Māori communities to operate independently and at grass-roots level.

Mātauranga-led solutions

We actively promote and enhance the abilty of Māori to apply,protect and honour their knowledge,culture, values, and perspectives in Aotearoa New Zealand's research, science, and innovation system for the benfit of te Taiao, ur environment..
Photographer : Naomi Aporo

Tikanga | Customs

We work to ensure our environmental tikanga (customs) not only guide the way we work but are respected, understood, and given effect to in environmental management practices and systems


TTW actively contribute to the advancement of a global network of indigenous kaitiaki, elders, knowledge holders, activists, scientists, politicians and policymakers, to advance the application and acceptance of traditional knowledge systems in regenerating Mother Earth.

Photographer : Naomi Aporo

Mana Motuhake Self-Determination

We work to ensure Māori communities rights to self-determination are maintained, especially their cultural and spiritual connections to, and ways of protecting their lands, waters, and natural heritage.

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